Breeding schedules for all animals are below. Most available babies/adults never make it to the website as they are sold before we have time to update. The best way to know what is available is to contact us or join our Facebook group. 

Goat Breeding Schedule

Almost always, a doe from each pairing will be retained. We reserve the right to retain any kid at any time during the purchase process, no matter what is stated on the breeding schedule. If this should happen, any deposits or payments made by the buyer toward the purchase price will be fully refunded or applied to another kid if the buyer chooses. Prices listed are valid for reservations prior to does kidding. After kidding, prices may go up. I do my best to keep the breeding schedule up to date and correct, but is not set in stone. It is a general guideline and can change at anytime before does are bred.

Livestock Guardian Dog Breeding Schedule

We have one breeding female. She will likely whelp late 2023/2024 and be spayed.

Holland Lop Breeding Schedule

 Contact us for available rabbits.

We try to work it out to have at least one litter available each month. 

Holland Lops bucks start at $75. Does start at $100.