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Crosby Lake Farm
Fluffs & Clucks

We will have very little availability until late 2024. You will find the most up to date chicken details on our Facebook page,

Crosby Lake Farm Fluffs & Clucks.

As time goes on, we will have pictures of all parent stock and egg color examples. For now, we are raising and hatching to build our breeding flocks for the future.  

Black Copper Marans Chicks
Satin Showgirl Hen
Silverudd's Blue Cockerel
Frizzled Silkie Hen
Cuckoo Marans Pullet
Black Copper Marans Chicks
Black Copper Marans Chick

2024 Pricing

BBS Marans

Black Copper Marans

Blue Copper Marans

$50/dozen, $8/chick

Cream Legbars

$50/dozen, $12/pullet chick

Silverudd's Blues 

$50/dozen, $8/chick


$50/dozen, $8/chick

F1 Olive Eggers

$50/dozen, $8/chick,

$12/pullet chick

Multigen Olive Eggers

$50/dozen, $8/chick 

Easter Eggers

$30/dozen, $5/chick

Paint Silkies & Satins

(Showgirls & Frizzles possible)

$50/dozen $8/chick

Rainbow Egg Assortment


This will include a RANDOM assortment of eggs from at least 2 breeds. 

Please read below before inquiring about hatching eggs or available birds. 

Our ultimate goal is to create and share colored, speckled eggs. Breeding to SOP is not completely ignored, but our first priority is egg color. 

Prices listed are for eggs/chicks reserved in advance.

Prices are subject to change depending on availability.

There is a 5-chick minimum purchase requirement unless availability does not allow it.

Chick prices listed are for day-old chicks immediately after hatching.

As chicks age, prices will increase. 


F1 Olive Eggers are guaranteed to lay an olive egg as an adult. However, F1 Olive Eggers will always hatch from a brown or blue egg. Therefore, if you purchase F1 Olive Egger eggs, the eggs you receive will NOT be olive. The resulting offspring that hatches will lay olive eggs. Multigen Olive Egger eggs will be olive and will produce deeper olive laying offspring, at the expense of ending up with some hens who will lay brown.  

Easter Eggers lay any color. Depending on availability they may lay blue, green, olive, pink, chocolate, brown, or any color in between, with or without speckles. Easter Egger hatching eggs will be available as assortments only. Please do not request only blue eggs, only green eggs, etc. Any cream/white/light brown eggs will be from hens paired with a blue egg gene rooster, so any resulting pullet chicks will lay blue or green eggs.

We will not vent sex and we will not wing sex. We will not allow you to vent or wing sex before purchasing. Day old chicks will be sexed by color in the breeds/crosses that result in offspring able to be sexed according to color. As chicks age, they will be sexed by changes in visible characteristics.


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